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The hostels provide comfortable accommodation for students coming from different parts of the country.

  1. Safe and Supportive Environment: Our hostel envisions a secure and caring atmosphere that ensures the well-being and safety of all residents, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits without concerns.

  2. Personal Growth and Development: We aspire to create an environment that encourages personal growth, fostering qualities such as responsibility, independence, and time management, which are essential for a successful and fulfilling life.

  3. Academic Excellence: The hostel's vision includes providing an environment conducive to learning, where students can concentrate on their studies, engage in collaborative learning, and excel academically.

  4. Cultural Diversity and Unity: We aim to celebrate and embrace the diversity of our residents, promoting cultural exchange and understanding. Our vision is to create a harmonious community where individuals from various backgrounds come together and form lasting friendships.

  5. Holistic Well-being: The hostel envisions a space where residents' physical, mental, and emotional well-being are nurtured. We aim to offer facilities and activities that contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, ensuring the overall development of each resident.

  • Separate hostels for male and female students.

  • Spacious and well-ventilated rooms

  • Each room is equipped with a bed, study table, chair, and wardrobe.

  • 24/7 security and are monitored by CCTV cameras

  • The hostels also have a common room where students can socialize, watch TV, or play indoor games during their free time. There are also facilities for outdoor games such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton.

  • The hostels have mess facilities which provide nutritious and hygienic food to the students. The mess menu is designed  to ensure that the students get a balanced and healthy diet. 

  • To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, the hostels are regularly cleaned by the housekeeping staff. There are also dedicated staff members who ensure that the students' needs are met and any issues are addressed promptly.

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